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Democracy Video (Government Unit Plan)

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Mary McLeod Bethune's Last Will & Testament -- Courtesy of The Freeman Institute

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But he is their representative and will use whatever means necessary to gain the kind of power he's always wanted - even if it means tearing the country apart, creating a civil war or an armed revolution if he loses, or starting WWIII. Trump doesn't love America or Americans - Trump loves Trump.

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Not many believe this anymore - or have even read it. What does it mean to be American to you?

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The founding fathers knew what they were talking about! Why do you think they say "if you don't know history then you are doomed to repeat it"? Think about what all those old saying mean! They were gifts from out ancestors!! History DOES repeat itself but an educated patriot can keep a watchful eye on his republic and protect it, Many will try to corrupt and steal it!!

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Do you have power? Do you want it? A lesson on the six sources of power and why it's important that we talk about them:

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The meaning of the Pledge of Allegiance video

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What Does Democracy Mean To You? - YouTube

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A student of mine asked, "What is a folktale?" I used this website to help support my answer : A folktale is a type of traditional story that tries to explain or understand the world. Such stories were orally passed down through the generations and feature morals or lessons. The stories usually take place long ago in a faraway place and are woven around talking animals, royalty, peasants, or mythical creatures.

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Just For Fun

We are a nation that focuses on public relations and entertainment distractions

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