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(2016-02) Promptinghierarki til AAC-kommunikation ... kan fint overføres til kommunikation uden 'hjælpemidler'

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speech 2 Free printable literacy assessments (letter knowledge, phonological awareness, phoneme awareness, alphabetic principle, vocabulary, decoding)

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AAC Prompt Hierarchy -- what does "minimal prompting" mean? How much hand-over-hand is happening? Take a look at this prompt hierarchy and look for ways to scaffold our AAC learners to become less prompt dependent.

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Malic Acid -What Should You Know About Malic Acid? - "In addition, consuming malic acid in combination with magnesium is said to alleviate symptoms of fibromyalgia (including pain)."

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Poor Remus. Honesty moment: I still have no clue what the veil is. What does it mean? Is it supposed to be shrouded in mystery? Does it represent death?

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