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What Colors Make Orange

oH MAN...This hair colour and lips and eye make up words

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Learn the Basics of Color Theory to Know What Looks Good

Colors are important to making things look good, whether it's the clothes you wear or the presentation you give at work. But not everyone instinctively knows that orange and blue is a perfect combination. If you can't trust your own judgement, understand and rely on the basics of color theory to always pick the right colors.

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Your own personal stylist that goes off your Pinterest pins to style outfits for you! Only pay for what you want to keep!

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Such a beautiful colour palette. What do these colors make you think of?

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What Type of Flower Are You?

Color is in everything. Color is the element of art that is produced when light, striking an object, is reflected back to the eye. This ice-cream cone holds primary (red, yellow, blue), secondary (orange, green, purple), and even tertiary (teal, violet, magenta).

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Orange macarons, filled with Lemon Curd. Plus lots of other yummy sounding combinations!

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Mycena leaiana...Looks like God uses some of the colors in the sunset to make this one...What a Mighty God...I am so glad I know Him...Helen...

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Girl Scouts Responsible for What I Say and Do. Print all the pages to make a coloring book to help learn the Girl Scout Law. Go onto to print them all!

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'Tween Waters Inn Island Resort

There truly is nothing quite like watching the sun set over the sea. Visitors can enjoy this spectacular view on a nightly basis when staying at 'Tween Waters Inn:

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