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Regardless of whether you live in a village or a big city, any area near industrial zones is bad for your health. Finding peace and harmony in the mountains is always a better option. Living in a polluted city may harm your health, and you run at a greater risk of developing lung cancer. Smoking, […]

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When is Lung Pain Serious and What Could it Be?

What does lung pain feel like, what are some of the causes, and what tests might your doctor order? When could this mean you may have lung cancer?

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Does Air Pollution Cause Lung Cancer?

Does air pollution cause lung cancer? From being blamed for the majority of lung cancers to being called a myth, what is the real answer?


What are the causes and symptoms of lung cancer?

What are the causes and symptoms of lung cancer? - Your Health Prevention

The Cause Of Lung Cancer Has Been Discovered: You Will Not Believe What The Cause Is! – CARE OF HEALTH