I was born with the virus and I get stupid cold sores/fever blisters whatever you want to call them all the time and the are a pain in my bum! This product works great! I found it at Walmart.

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Mouth ulcers can be extremely painful and can hinder your ability to eat and speak. Check out Top 15 Home Remedies To Cure Mouth Ulcers.

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Best remedy for cold sores: raw honey and turmeric. Dab on as a paste. Use early, use often. See the blog for the science. http://www.thehealthyhomeeconomist.com/effective-home-remedies-for-cold-sores-fever-blisters/

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16 Ways to Prevent & Get Rid of Cold Sores | Everyday Roots. My husband will be glad I pinned this one!

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Attention girls with uneven skin tone, acne, oily skin, dry skin, acne scars, chapped lips, under eye bags, fever blisters, or any skin imperfections: Here is what i consider my cure-all "night cream"...One squirt of bio oil mixed with 2 drops of tea tree oil applied to face, lips, & neck before bed... (Do not get in your mouth or eyes!) Try it & you'll fall in love! Both products can be found at CVS, Rite Aid, Walmart, Walgreens etc.:

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Canker sores are a common oral health issue. Also known as aphthous ulcers, cancer sores are very painful. They can appear anywhere inside the oral cavity – on the inside of your lips and cheeks, the base of your gums, on or under your tongue.

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Prev post1 of 3Next Fever blisters, also known as cold sores, are caused by the herpes simplex type 1 virus. An outbreak usually occurs on or around the mouth and typically heals within two to three weeks. Fever blisters can be a lifelong irritant, since the virus remains dormant in the body throughout your life.

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Developing a fever blister can be discomforting when attending social events or working in the general public. These pus-filled mini-blisters occur when the herpes simplex virus 1 invades the body through close skin-to-skin contact or by sharing facial products. Fever blisters generally develop inside or outside the mouth, often near the lips,and...

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