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The Dance at the Gym: West Side Story - did this, loved it, worked the skirts, in my opinion one of the best dance numbers ever!

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West Side Story (1961). I would like to see this. West Side Story was my mom's favorite movies and I would love to see it live!!

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I was standing in line about to watch west side story and these two elder ladies are talking and telling each other their live and I just want to say can you state your social security number please

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This is a picture of Rita Moreno who played Anita in the Broadway and movie versions of West Side Story. Anita, a feisty, mature, and sexy Latina woman, is a dancer in the show. I am a dancer too, and while I've already played this part twice in my life, I still look to Rita Moreno for guidance and inspiration. I love the role of Anita, and hope to play her professionally one day.

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Classic Romeo & Juliet plot, Wonderful music and choreography, even if we are supposed to believe that Natalie Wood is Puerto Rican.

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