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West 49

New York Central - Eleventh Avenue & West 49th Street -1936 unknown photographer A. LaBianca collection via S. Berliner


✯Point Atkinson Lighthouse Lighthouse Park is a popular park in West Vancouver British Columbia Canada 49.330430, -123.264421


AMAZING SUNSET ..... West Bengal


Old West Brothel - California ‘49ers labeled these women "ladies of the line” "sporting women", while cowboys dubbed them "soiled doves.” Among the many trails of Kansas, common terms included "daughters of sin”, "fallen frails,” "doves of the roost,” "nymphs du prairie.” Other nicknames for these women, who were as much a part of the Old West as were outlaws, cowboys and miners, were "scarlet ladies,” fallen angels,” "frail sisters,” "fair belles,” "painted cats,” among dozens of…


Green Tunnel or 'The Road to Hobbiton' "This is a real photo of a real road with real trees and the original light (in fact it was raining). It was taken near Spancill Hill in County Clare in the west of Ireland . For those of you who want to try yourself: The exact location is 8°49'51.35"W - 52°50'51.45"N - off the R352 between Ennis and Tulla.


Glacial River Bike Trail CB Notes: # 49-28-A Length = 51' Built: 2000 Photo by Dale Travis (June 2002) Location: Across tributary of Allen Creek, southwest of Ft. Atkinson about 6 miles on the west side of WI26. Built on an old railroad trestle. Jefferson Co - WI