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The badge of the Welsh Guards with a leek, national emblem of Wales, at the centre. (Historic UK)

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The Welsh God DEWI - Most People do not realize that the Welsh Dragon actually is an ancient Welsh God The Red Dragon of wales Derived from the Pagan God, Dewi. Dewi, whose crimson form was said to have appeared in King Arthur's dreams, has been depicted on the Welsh banner since at least the departure of the Roman legions, is the official emblem of Wales, and was derived from the Great Red Serpent that once represented Dewi. (Read more in th comments below.)

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Dragon love: Ti a Fi Am Byth-- you and me forever, in #Welsh. The red dragon is the emblem of #Wales

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Mini Crochet Daffodil in terra cotta pot - Narcissus, Mother's Day, Easter, March Birthday, Welsh Emblem

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