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I like this. I hope people aren't hating on him or her. It's literally his life we don't have a say in who he dates

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Most Inspiring Quotes and Positive Affirmations with Emotional Meaning.

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I definitely work for a cause. My job is to help an support others. If I was in this for the money I would not be working where I am now.

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Some people are SO not worth it. Terrible to say, but my inner peace holds more value than your need for drama. End scene.

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Peaches and cream sweeter than sweet chocolate cheeks and chocolate wings...totally said that in Rapmonster's voice

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Still think there's a level of respect you should show, but that doesn't mean you let any adult step all over you.

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As a friend who went on a shopping trip with us said, i must mean the world to him. She has never seen someone who lets the other half go wild shopping and happily picks up the tab thereafter and time and again :P

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