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Welding rig

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'Who Hired A Stripper?' This Female Welder Proves Why We Still Need Feminism In 2015

I need feminism because..."Who hired a stripper?" --- This really sucks. I am so angry for her. It is way too common for women to be compared to strippers or prostitutes, no matter what profession, as if that's all women are good for.

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A welder at a boat-and-sub-building yard adjusts her goggles before resuming work, October, 1943. By 1945, women comprised well over a third of the civilian labor force (in 1940, it was closer to a quarter) and millions of those jobs were filled in factories: building bombers, manufacturing munitions, welding, drilling, and riveting for the war effort.

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Welding Jobs | Jobs4welding | All Area Welding Jobs: Welding Inspector Jobs

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(( Tool Tip for DREMEL CUTOFF WHEELS )) -- When buying a Dremel tool it usually comes with a few miscellaneous bits and wheels. The fiberglass reinforced type is more expensive, but works much better than the stone wheel (fragile and break easily). They cut almost anything and last a long time. If you stack three or four of them on a mandrel the wider surface works great for grinding. I use this trick occasionally to grind a welding job that needs great precision or is in an awkward…

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How To Get A Welding Job

Discusses the welding job market and unique steps to take to get interviews with potential employers and land the job.

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