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Baby Girl Name: Ksenia (kuh-SEN-ya). Meaning: Wanderer; Welcoming. Origin: Greek; Russian; Polish; Latvian; Estonian; Croatian.


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Are you feeling "in between"? Perhaps the way you were before (or who you were before) is not how or who you are now? AND at the same time the "new" version hasn't quite come into focus or clarity. Instead of resisting it or trying to analyze the meaning, I invite you to invite in the discomfort. Welcome it. Cozy up with it. See it as an old friend. It has been here before, it will be here again. When you move into a space of curiosity and observation you will move through this experience…

Dream Analysis Readings. Explore their true meaning. Psychic Phone Reading 18779877792 #psychic #love #follow #nature #beautiful #meetyourpsychic

DIY Homemade Craft Connection :: Day of the Dead Calaveras Mask printable - Blu Penny by Cindy Ann

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Pineapple Alex and Ani Bracelet: Retired Style

Pineapple Alex and Ani Bracelet: Retired Style Retired style pineapple bracelet. Really cute for the summer! Perfect for your BFF: pineapples mean friendship and welcoming! Rafaelian gold finish, comes with the Pineapple meaning card! Alex & Ani Jewelry Bracelets

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Anne Fontaine Black Wool Coat

Anne Fontaine Black Wool Coat Remarkable Anne Fontaine 100% Wool coat - MINT Condition- It's a SMALL Size 38 European size; meaning a size 8. It runs small though. It fits me, and I'm a size 2-4. *Offers Welcomed* Anne Fontaine Jackets & Coats

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“I felt my lungs inflate with the onrush of scenery; air, mountains, trees, people. I thought, ‘This is what it is to be happy.’” ~ Sylvia Plath, from The Bell Jar

cynefin: A Welsh word for a place where a being feels it ought to live. It is where nature around you feels right and welcoming.


Daily #Tarot Reading for September 25: Queen of #Wands Today keep an eye out for a #warm #generous and #creative person in your life is it you or someone else? (Often the Queens represent females but they can also be men. Kings are conquerors; Queens are creators.) Wands represent the element of #fire: the source of our #spirit creativity and #inspiration and the Queen of Wands has dominion over all of these. A #blackcat sits at her feet representing her #independence and her natural…


The Spiritual Meaning of Bluebird...

Bluebirds are symbolic of the angelic realm. Their meaning one of happiness grace and delight. And seeing bluebirds? A reminder to sing your unique song... Learn more about bluebird symbolism in my newest post on #bluebirds #spiritual #meaning