Weird Al Yankovic Apocalypse Tour - August 11, 2012 Three Stages Theater, Folsom, CA

RARE Vintage Weird Al Yankovic Greatest Hits by sweetleafvinyl

In the mid-80's, rock guitarist Rick Derringer discovered Weird Al Yankovic. After hearing Yankovic's parody of his song "I Love Rock 'n' Roll", songwriter Jake Hooker suggested to Derringer that he would be the perfect producer for the burgeoning parodist. Derringer's productions of the Michael Jackson parodies, the No. 1 hit "Eat It" (on which he played the guitar solo), and "Who's Fat", have been Yankovic's most successful recordings. links to a behind the scenes interview with Weird Al, plus links to a lot of his videos

In 19988 Weird al yankovic Made even Worse the number one hit Fat was a hit sengl

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Weird Al is so weird but so Awesome! Weird Al playing Fat live

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Because i'm fat,i'm fat,come on you know the song by:weird al yankovic.

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