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love love love animals feel love just like we do god bless U both 4 ever

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Community Post: Dexter, The "WeimDeer" Caught In Headlights!

Dexter, The & Caught In Headlights! <a href='\/explore\/weimaraner' class='pintag' title=' explore Pinterest'> <a href='\/explore\/cute' class='pintag' title=' explore Pinterest'> <a href='\/explore\/funny' class='pintag' title=' explore Pinterest'>

The Top 5 Trainable Dog Breeds

From dog shaming: I left Miller in the kitchen for 2 minutes to bring in a bag of groceries from the car. Bad decision.

This is beyond true!!! Love my Weim!!! Bentley has no regard for personal space!!

Hi baby! I am missing you back just the same. So so very much. My heart is looking for yours too. It's perfect match. Today was so wonderful. It isn't exactly the way we would want, but it was so nice to have a large chunk of time to just be with you. I am so happy for the time we do get and I am so thankful for you and that you still choose to have me in your life. Thank you my love. I'm sending you all my love and anxiously awaiting until it is tomorrow. Xoxo

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One of the many Weim traits! They are a handful, but you gotta love them!!!

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