The Weekend! #Humor #PunchDaClock

"when asked what i did over the weekend i reply, 'why, what did you hear?


[69 pictures] The Week End Selection 210

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long weekends

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HAHAHA - omg this is so true of me now. I use to want to be out all the time. Now I just wanna be home with my two kids, husband and puppy in our dream home we moved into a year ago. Life is good when all the crap is out.

My boyfriend & I had such a hard time getting up this morning!

3 hours sleep a full day at work. And the last espresso martini drunk at All worth it though for an epic night at the party at reppin for the by chloemp

List of healthy things I ate this weekend.

List of healthy things I ate this weekend. Got that cheat weekend comin up!

Totally this this weekend

The poorest man is not one without money., featuring The Most Interesting Man In The World