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More and more couples are opting to say their ‘I do’s’ outdoors with a fabulous backdrop in toe. But tossing out the traditional reception ballroom for a romantic affair outdoors comes with its challenges. Before you start planning your outdoor event, make sure you cover these points to master your outdoor celebration. MARQUEE TENT Tents are an elegant way to hold your wedding reception and have the added benefit of …

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So remember this. We are all beginners. We haven’t done this before. You haven’t been you on this day before....Each day is new and we’re all allowed to fall down as often as we need to. It is through these mistakes and fumbles that we’ll likely get it...


50 refreshing ideas for the unconventional bride

dessert bar If there's anything better than wedding cake, we'd like to think it's this. Let guests do the picking and opt for a dessert bar with a wide variety of sweets and treats.