day-of wedding schedule - great tips for planning out your wedding day!

I know that everyone’s wedding experience is different, but I still wanted to offer a template/guideline based off of what we did on our wedding day. Here are a couple of notes before you che…

PRINTED Wedding Itineraries  The Cool Card by ThatPrettyInvitation

Wedding Itinerary - The Cool Cards - Style IT5 - COOL COLLECTION | wedding itinerary | wedding schedule | wedding timeline PRINTED

Wedding Reception Program Sample Templates | Sample Wedding Reception Agenda - PDF

Gahh yes I was looking for something like this! Just to help me plan out songs. Obviously not using those songs, but the template I will most likely use!

Pocket timelines if things get too complicated

Give them to bridal party at rehearsal. Wedding Day Pocket Timelines- I really like the idea of giving the bridal party and parents timelines like this so they are informed. This would keep from a lot of confusion and stress on the bride.