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rinne and weber test


The Kraus-Weber Test of Minimum Muscular Fitness has six components. This test measures several large muscle groups for flexibility and strength.

Weber test | definition of Weber test by Medical dictionary - Blog - Go Behind The Scenes of Weber's Test Kitchen

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Connor (Jack Falahee) and the defendant (guest star Steven Weber) test a murder scenario, from episode 2 of How To Get Away With Murder (animated gif)


Conductive vs. Sensorineural Hearing Loss... Rinne's Test = Tuning fork on the mastoid process... Rinne's test should have AC > BC with vibration still heard after movement around to the front... Weber's Test = tuning fork at the forehead with equal sounds heard bilaterally... Weber's will lateralize to the affected ear in Conductive and the unaffected ear in Sensorineural


A normal result is when the patient can hear the tuning fork tone in both ears equally.


Test Wasserfall und Bewegungsunschärfe - Wasser Strukturen - Belichtungszeit hier 1/125s, (Foto copyright - Frank Weber - Berlin -