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Remarkable, a dark and ominous tornado rolling through a city in northern India in mid-March. Winds whip as the photographer tries to hold the camera steady to capture the large, dusty funnel


Meteorologist Domenica Davis looks at the tornado threat for the Southeast. Tornado threat continues for South. Please check your local weather channels and follow all warnings to stay safe

from Mail Online

Record cold could strike 'almost the entire US' by next week as Alaska's bitterest weather in two years is expected to spread to rest of the country

Record cold could strike 'almost the entire US' #DailyMail

New York and DC..-2 degrees expected..-1 DC... just Thrilling

Fairbanks Alaska -32 degrees this week

from Washington Post

Frigid air mass building in Alaska, poised to spill into Lower 48 next week

In some areas of Alaska, the temperature dipped below minus-40, the coldest in almost two years.