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Weather Underground Chicago

The Weather Underground explores the unbelievable story of the Weathermen, the notorious group of 70 s radicals who, outraged by the Vietnam War and racism.

The Chicago Sun-Times has compiled a list of domestic bombings since 1886. Included in the list are two by Bill Ayers' former group, the Weather Underground. Ayers & his wife Bernardine Dohrn are close friends with Obama. Reports coming in from Boston are describing the deadly bombs as devices similar to the Weather Underground nail bomb that exploded prematurely in 1970, killing 3 of Ayers' terrorist friends. .. As for yesterday's tragedy, one man had 37 nails removed from his legs. [...]…


Chicago, Illinois (60654) Conditions & Forecast | Weather Underground

Rev Jeremiah Wright, Obama's pastor in Chicago for 25 years who famously said "God Damn America" and Bill Ayers, former Weather Underground bomber of the 60's, radical liberal to this day, idol of B Hussein Obama. Rev Jerry and Bill are dedicated to obliterating the US.


StoryCorps Chicago: Former Weather Underground leader, children’s advocate, shares tips on raising feminist boys | WBEZ 91.5 Chicago

Bernardine Dohrn - Leader of terrorist group known as The Weather Underground - wife of Chicago-based terrorist Bill Ayers.


The Weather Underground || A group of young radicals donning protective headgear at the Days of Rage protest in Chicago,1969.

Weather Underground Organization (WUO), commonly known as the Weather Underground-- was an American militant radical left-wing organization founded on the Ann Arbor campus of the University of Michigan. Originally called Weatherman, the group became known colloquially as the Weathermen. Weatherman organized in 1969 as a faction of Students for a Democratic Society (SDS) composed for the most part of the national office leadership of SDS and their supporters. Their goal was to create a…