thinking of a 48 hour detour in rome this summer while on vacation in Ibiza

Mini guide: 48 hours in Rome, Italy

The Colosseum: By the century, a combination of weather, natural disasters, neglect and vandalism had destroyed nearly two-thirds of the original Colosseum, including all of the arena’s marble seats and its decorative elements. Restoration efforts be

Christmas in Italy

snow in Rome, near Spanish steps Roman Holiday in february 2012 253

Incredible weather is one great reason to visit Rome in the fall. Find out the others at the Walks of Italy blog.

6 Reason Why Fall Is the Best Time To Visit Rome

Summer may be when MOST people visit Rome, but we think that fall is the best time to visit Rome. Here are the top 6 reasons why.

Inside St Peter's Basilica, Rome, Italy ...  The largest cathedral in the world. beautiful!

love this photo--Inside St Peter's Basilica, Rome, Italy . The largest cathedral in the world.

Mental Vacation: Rome.

Rome in the rain! Yes please Lisa Story: The first time I rode on a motorcycle was in Rome at night while it was raining.

Vacation planning weather and climate map with information on historic climate for many top travel destinations in Italy

Weather and Historic Climate for the Traveler to Italy

Key Italian cities and a link to temperatures. >Cinque Terre - September, April or May. >Rome - from mid-September to October. >Amalfi Coast - The best time to visit is April-June and September-October

Baltimore: Live − city panorama (Baltimore, United States of America)

~Rome, Italy. I love the texture of stucco walls. with a soft bird and weathered fountain to show it off. Doesn't it look a lot like the art journal pages being demonstrated lately?

Rome, love the texture of stucco walls, birdie and weathered fountain ~ blue & orange ~

What to pack for Rome in the fall? Read this post to find out about Rome weather in autumn, what to wear in Rome in the fall and 10 items you must pack for visiting Rome


What to wear in Rome in winter? Find here the ultimate vacation list for packing for Rome: visit the Eternal city feeling (and dressing) like a local!

Rome Italy Weather

Rome Weather and Climate Charts

Rome Italy average daily temperatures and precipitation. Find weather and historic climate charts and information for planning your Rome holiday.

One of my favorite ceilings in all the world. I want to lie on the floor of Pantheon and let it soak deep into my mind. Roma.

Panteão - Roma Image: The Eye — Sunlight beams through the Pantheon’s oculus, down upon a throng of tourists.