Weather in reading uk

A witch's ladder is made from knotted hair, hemp, wool or cotton & feathers or other charms. The number of knots and nature of charms varies with the intended effect or spell. They can also be used to "bind the thirteen moons of the year," purportedly to allow the witch to better work weather & nature magic & to open the doorway to the Faery realm. Many keep a personal ladder where the knots or beads are used to keep track of repetition in a spell or prayer, like Rosary beads.

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Another great place to go camping in the UK, if you can handle the bad weather! Rhosilli Bay, Swansea, Wales

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QTemp Wants You to have a Wearable Weather Station - Interview with Neda Ghazi from

The team of cleaners abseiled down from the top of the tower to clean the face of the famous clock, Big Ben, London

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