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Why You Should Visit Italy in Spring

Find out about spring weather in Italy, Italian festivals and holidays, and Italian food in spring. Here's a look at what Italy has to offer in spring.


5 Reasons to Love the Fall in Italy - it’s one of our favorite times to visit Italy

Why we love Italy in the autumn, especially late September, October and November, from the lower prices and crowds to the beautiful weather in Italy! Thinking of coming to Italy in autumn? You’re in luck—it’s one of our favorite times to visit Italy. Here are just five reasons why we love Italy...

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Tips on What to Wear for the Autumn Weather in Italy

Climate: In the image above, you see a rainbow across the sky after a rainy day in Italy. Although it doesn’t rain on a daily basis in Italy, the country has a history of floods. In 1966, there was a major flood in Florence, Italy. It killed many people, and did damage to many houses and buildings. The weather in Italy, though, is usually not too hot or cold; it’s usually temperate.

Temperatures in April vary depending on where you are in Italy, but as a general rule of thumb these are the ranges: Northern Italy: 40-60°F (5-16°C) Central Italy: 50-65°F (10-18°C) Southern Italy: 55-65°F (13-18°C)

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Why Visit Italy in Fall?

Average Weather in Florence, Italy - Average Temperatures in Florence