Weather Wiz Kids website has lots of simple explanations, experiments, and lesson plans to teach kids about the weather!

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Great weather lesson on Hurricanes and other weather/climate topics. This site has also has many great interactive activities and opportunities for students to use technology in the classroom for learning.

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Report Outline: Can be used to give to each student. Assignment can be for each student to research a weather pattern or disaster, such as tornadoes hurricanes or floods, and complete this research outline on it. Also a good way to integrate technology, by giving students computer time in class to do the research. AMS

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Make a hurricane in your kitchen! What a fun way extreme weather science activity. I'm going to do this with my kids. || Gift of Curiosity

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Weather for Interactive Science Notebooks and Journals - topics include Catastrophic Events, Weather Forecasting, Hot and Cold Fronts, HIgh and Low Pressure, Convection Currents, Hurricane Formation, Weather Instruments and more

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This would be a great visual to help teach students about Hurricanes when we go over extreme weather on the Friday of the Unit. It also helps explain where they occur and why it is important to know about.

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