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8. There’s one further trend that has helped the 0.1 percent take off from the 1 percent, too. The higher a household is on the income scale, the more likely it is that a big chunk of its earnings come from investments rather than wages. Managers at Wall Street firms tend to take home options and shares, for instance, and chief executives often get stock as part of their compensation packages. NYTimes

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Phantom Black Perfection - by @zaidzilla92 #luxury #luxurylifestyle #richlifestyle. #rich #wealth #prosperity #cash #cars #passion #dreams #goals. #Get your #6figures #income #secret

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Luxury Lifestyle Discover how you can get save and get cashback on all travel expenses. Hotels, air fare, cruises, and rental cars. You save and get cashback. Financial freedom, luxury travel, hotels, flights, rental cars.

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What do you dream of? A new car? A nicer home? Extended vacations? Paying off debt? Better Wealth? With Forever Living Products, they’re all closer than you think! If you’re looking for more out of life a healthier mind and body, more control over how you earn an income, richer rewards for your effort, more time for yourself and your family you can find it here! Join my international team.

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Wealthy vs. Rich vs. Poor. Lord and Lady Nudge who are very, very wealthy are very, very quiet.

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Find out how you can drive one of these home and not even blink at the price tag!

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Money comes easily, and without effort to me, money finds me, and comes to me with no sorrow added to it.

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