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that bit about lee :( and crying himself to sleep, my poor sun (pun intended, sorry)

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Please be kind to everyone including queer people, you may not believe as one may not believe in god but unlike god we're here and there is physical evidence of us. We're human too and we deserve to be treated with kindness. Gay is okay, it's not just okay, it bigger and it wonderful. We love who we love whether man with man woman with woman man with woman. Love is love.

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pumpupapp: “ If you have a long name…we’re sorry in advance This workout is perfect if you’re stuck indoors without any equipment. Take tiny breaks if you need to and repeat. ”

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(Be him) England's most drool worthy and well known model and actor, Tom Hiddleston. Of course, everyone jokes that we only have five actors, ten props, and three scripts. I'm a PA, just another worker on set who takes orders like coffee. I hope to be an actress some day. Today didn't start out well. "Oh, bloody-! I'm so sorry!" I just dumped coffee all over Tom Hiddleston. Uh-oh.

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The 50 Worst Things On The Internet In 2015

We're so, so sorry.

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*cough cough* Percy Jackson *cough cough*

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Argus is sad because he never gets any fan art. :( « ha I never thought about that < that's actually really sad..WE'RE SORRY ARGUS

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WE ARE SORRY. ( was I the only one who thought of The Doctor, and for the one we don't know anything about the alien in Listen??)

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I'm not sorry and you're an asshole. It was probably those wedding vows we both took that tricked me.

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