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Noone understands him or cares for him like I do. He knows so. He thanked me for my patience, unconditional love, and for not giving up on him. He knows he got issues and knows I pay no attention to them at times. He had the chance to leave few times and be with different people but he decided to stay, he chose ME. This why he will always be with me because we protect each other. We are safe together...we love each other too much...we are connected...we always work things out...always. And…

from Erica's Excellent Adventure

Individuality & Loving Yours

For men, women, and even children our society seemingly has chosen to see them as factors in clusters or groups. I think that sucks. How can we love each other, our tribes, or anyone without first …

you said it's better if we love each other separately. i just need you one more time....i can't get what we had out my mind


My best friend is a guy. We say we love each other, we text everyday, we care about each other, and we talk about weird things.

If we love each other why aren't we together?


Ive Dreamed Ive Wished Ive Prayed... We're Still Here Together "Talking" Theres A Sign Why Im Still Here And Why Were Still In This. We Love Each Other For One. And Were Strong As Hell Together. Its Like Yes Were Made For Each Other And We Know That. We've Made It Through Shit Thats Suppose To Tear US Apart. We Not Stopping Anything We're Gonna Work This Out And You Have To Trust That It Will Be Fine And We Will Be.. I Dont Want You No More I Need You Thats How I Know Its Real Cause Your Not…


We love each other, but what chance do we have?

Yes! I wish everyone understood this. Love makes up for practically anything." 1Peter4:8 What matters is that we love each other beyond labels, that we sacrifice for each other regardless of differences, that we live broken and given right into brokenness, with bits of our own broken hearts.


I love this quote cause I love...I do love someone who I wish would never hurt me. I hurt someone a lot but I found someone else that I have fallen for. they are my drug that in addicted to and can't get away from because I love them too much. I love, I love, I love, I love, I love, I love her❤️she's my everything. she's my life. she means more to me than anybody in this who galaxy. I LOVE HER SO MUCH! nobody will understand how much we love each other because it's to strong.