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Wayne Hemingway : Design - a Mix of Autism & Risk by Vision. Wayne Hemingway's view on his wife Geraldine's drive for better design, and how to push the boundaries without risking your business


1950s-style Vintage by Wayne Hemingway Carnival kitchen storage tins

Designer Creates ‘Mad Men’-Inspired Uniforms For McDonald’s Staff


Interview with Wayne HeminInterview with Wayne Hemingway at The Midlandgway at The Midland

Hipster-led regeneration | Careful what you say about hipsters, argues Wayne Hemingway, you just might be following in their footsteps.

The Vintage Fashion Bible: The style guide to vintage looks 1920s -1990s by Wayne Hemingway and Gerardine Hemingway

Tretchikoff MUG 250ml CHINESE GIRL The Land of Lost content is the world's largest and best collection of British popular culture owned by Stella Mitchell and designer Wayne Hemingway. Wayne Hemingway's design team have taken Vladimir Tretchikoff's painting of beautiful ladies and turned them into instant art for everyday use.


Wayne Hemingway | D Cover 2012

Beano Brand Guidelines Designed by Wayne Hemingway | imjustcreative