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Gravitational Vortex Power Plant is Safe for Fish

While trying to find a method for aerating water without energy input, Austrian engineer Franz Zotlöterer stumbled across the idea of a mini-power plant which is simple to construct and has a turbine efficiency of 80% but which is safe for fish due to

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Micro hydro water turbine

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The gravitation water vortex power plant is a type of micro hydro power plant which is capable of producing energy using a low hydraulic head of 0.7–3 metres (2 ft 4 in–9 ft 10 in). The technology is based on a round basin with a central drain. Above the drain the water forms a stable line vortex which drives a water turbine.

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Easy Wood Projects to Do | Since the flow of water is seasonal, dams are made to control the ...

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Energy producing in-pipe water turbine - harnessing energy from things we already use

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