Desalination: A Global Solution to Water Scarcity Infographic

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20 More Amazing Water Facts Infographic

Well, since we see you love infographics we thought we’d give you another one to ponder. It’s easy to take our access to safe water for granted, b

Understanding water usage and abusage not only allows a business to understand how to become part of a solution to water shortage - but understood correctly; it is financially material too!

Infographie: le changement climatique va provoquer des pénuries d'eau d'ici 2100

How climate change will affect global water scarcity by Only a few degrees Celsius of warming will leave millions exposed to aggravated forms of water scarcity.

Understanding water scarcity - Physical water scarcity occurs when there is not enough water to meet all demands. Economic water scarcity is caused by a lack of investment in water or a lack of human capacity to satisfy the demand for water, even in places where water is abundant.

Understanding water scarcity - Physical water scarcity occurs when there is not…

Water Scarcity Is Tomorrow's Problem. | eco media project

Water Scarcity Is Tomorrow’s Problem.

Tage Flint, from the Weber Basin Water Conservancy District, discussed water conservation in northern Utah counties.“The problem comes in measuring what is being used at each household,” Flint said.

WOW; wonder of water service project idea for Brownies. Get Involved - Help us fund wells and other water projects in Africa.

EXTRA: Learn about water scarcity issues and the importance of water. Discover how you can help relieve water scarcity in developing nations.

Ever Wonder about Water Scarcity? Infographic

We all know the importance of water, but not many of us know how scarce it has become. While water may cover 70 percent of our planet, freshwater (wha

Water scarcity in the world today

Map showing Global Physical and Economic Water Scarcity 2006 - Water scarcity - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia