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Grow creeping Jenny as a groundcover, around and between the rocks in your pond or in submerged containers. It thrives in moist soil or water up to an inch deep, in full sun to part shade. The plants have chartreuse leaves, tiny yellow flowers and a trailing growth habit. Recommended for zones 3 to 10, it can be invasive but is easily managed by pulling. Never discard the plants in lakes or public waterways where they can spread.

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Eight Most Popular Pond Plants - While some are chosen for their beauty, other pond plants are necessary for a pond’s health. This article includes a list of eight of the most popular pond plants and information as to why people love them.

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Perfect Pond Plants • Lots of tips, ideas and info to help you create that perfect garden pond!

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Canna-Cannas are favorite, old-fashioned plants that you may not have considered for the water garden. They add a refreshing, tropical feel to your landscape.

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During the summer, algae growth can be a huge problem in garden ponds. The great news is that there is an easy way to keep pond water clear without using expensive chemicals. Here's how. |

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I saw this at the fair; make your own water feature. Aquatic plants growing in barrel. Miniature lily pads! Love it. Making this next spring!

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