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STEM Kitchen Supplies Clipart

This clip art set contains common household items or supplies found in the kitchen, used for various S.T.E.M. challenges or activities. The set contains a 2-liter jug, half gallon jug, gallon jug, Ziploc bag, bendy and straight straw, paper bowl, paper plate, brown bag lunch sack, cupcake liner, aluminum foil, foil pan, jar, paper towels, paper towel roll, plastic spoon, plastic wrap, red cup, sample cup, small cup, scale, a sponge, toothpick, water bottle, and wooden spoon. $12.00


I started my water jug challenge today. Its really not that bad. I actually feel good. I'm not as tired as I usually am when I drink my sweet tea all day.


Water Jug challenge -- I'm gonna do this!! #weightlossmotivation


My jug I made the other day. I actually been doing pretty good about drinking more water! :) before I would hardly drink any water. #water challenge!!