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M&Ms and water drops

@Tina Doshi Russell I need you to try know, in all your spare time :)

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Water Drop Photography : Techniques for Static Droplet

Water Drop Photography is Explained for Static Droplets Like We Normally Face Dew Drops, Rain Drops on Leaves, Flowers and other surfaces.

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Symbol: Water is a symbol of baptism and rebirth and on page 268, Jane gives her Aunt Reed a glass of water which symbolizes renewal and rebirth of their relationship because Jane forgives her aunt for all the harsh things she said/did to Jane.

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33 Amazing Water Drop Macro Photos

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I am a fan of Macro photography, which is why this image caught my eye. The droplets could be interpreted as leaves, making it appear as a willow tree.

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An amazing view through a droplet of water on the tip of a leaf. Very cool.

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#reflections Extremely beautiful photography of water drop hitting the water, with multiple colors radiating. . Please also visit for colorful prophetic art paintings and stories. Thank you so much! Blessings!

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