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10 Powerful Placenta Photos

Babies are attached to the placenta for nine months. These moms decided to honor this crucial organ with these beautiful pictures. Check them out.

Mike won't allow a home birth, but the water birth is a definite possibility!  Lovely home birth photos

12 Reasons to Try for a Natural Birth

Beautiful baby after natural birth. "His cord is clamped because this photo was taken over an hour after he was born and we had moved from the birthing pool to a bathtub for an herbal bath." This makes me want to cry, the most beautiful baby..


This Is What a Water Birth Really Looks Like

Water births are substantially increasing in popularity, but many people have little idea what this unique birth experience actually entails. Whether a mom is laboring in an inflated pool at a birthing center or pushing in her own bathtub, there's no one


"ARRIVING // THE miracle that is birth. Arriving in the gentle hands of mother and father... Babies born in water are protected by the "dive reflex". Your baby will instinctively close his airway, stopping him from breathing in water. Moment captured on the mobile phone of the midwife attending" #waterbirth #doula


A picture's worth 1000 words, but here's a nice take: Bump Squad mama Kelsi's story - told by the birth photographer @nataliebeephotography!⠀ ..⠀ "Birth is unpredictable. Birth is HARD. I witnessed this mama fiercely birth their baby girl in water nearly 2 years ago, and let me tell you...she is beyond strong. Strong doesn't cover the amount of strength she has, both physically, and emotionally."⠀ ..⠀ Read the whole thing in three beautiful parts on the Natalie Bee Photography page ❤️‍…