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Water Play STEM Projects For Kids

16 exciting Water Play STEM projects kids will love! STEM Water play ideas are great educational Summer activities...Kids learn best…


Gross Motor Water Transfer

My toddler loved this fun little activity: Gross motor water transfer got him moving and experimenting with pouring water - perfect for a warm summer day!


Fine Motor Water Activity for Toddlers

Give little hands a workout by squeezing water out of a cleaned glue bottle. This activity strengthens fingers, hands, wrist & forearms making it easier to hold a pencil for writing. #readcharlotte


This clothesline idea is something I would consider trying to incorporate into my classroom because while exploring with water children are simultaneously learning about daily life tasks such as bathing, hanging clothes, drying clothes, etc.


Water wall for sensory fun We used zip ties to attach tubs and bottles with the bottoms cut off to a peg board. We put the bottom in a tub with water, cups for pouring and balls. The children loved pouring the water through and seeing if they could catch it in another bottle. The balls sometimes blocked the water flow too and they could make the balls float in the water.


Water transfer with a sponge - practice squeezing and transferring from one bowl to another. This post also shares who to use a baster, a funnel and a pitcher with water play and fine motor skills