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I watched an episode once where they found a woman's hair on a guys jacket and were like "she must be your girlfriend" and I was like "I find my roommates hair on my bra on a regular basis. You obviously don't understand how women's hair works."

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My friend had a similar reaction to shellfish. Problem is that her family goes crabbing and clam digging like every month so she has been eating so much shellfish since she was a child and didn't realize she was allergic until her late teens when she ate so much at one time that her throat swelled up. She has since insisted on still eating shellfish -not a very smart idea- but has chosen to watch how much of it she eats in one go

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Shawn Mendes for Bulova Watches

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She's the star of my heart. funny scene in picture from the how i met your mother tv series
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Dylan on his favorite way to relax. "At home, with my girlfriend, our puppies and baseball on the tv."

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Miranda sings!! This was one of my very favorite videos! But it was done on the other girls channel and it was about relationship advice!:D watch it!

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This goes to all my envious people who watch my every move! No I don't have haters but I'm always some girl's ex girlfriend's big "THREAT" lol Remember the 3⃣ "F" Rule: If you don't "Fuck" me, "Feed" me, "Finance" me, then don't WORRY about me and how I take care of myself! Public Service Announcement I pay my own bills, buy my own shit (BoobJob Included) NO #SugarMama & def NO #SugarDaddy lol....I take care of my girls too #Hustler247 #StayOutOfMyBusiness STOLE THIS FROM @g_ismywor...

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