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Seshat (Sesha, Sesheta) was the goddess of writing and record whose name means "the one who writes." She was the patroness of all types of writing. She was also the "mistress of the house of books" and that is why she watched on libraries temples which she had designed the plans.Elle also bore the title "mistress of the house architects "because it was closely linked to ritual cord (" pedj shes ") that was used to define the location of a temple at its foundation.


Late Victorian Silver and Crystal Chatelaine Watch. Pinned earlier pins about the Chatelaine carried by Mistress of the house. Also had keys, etc on it, but most interesting is one had a Compass!!! Why would the Mistress need a compass? House so big she needed to find her way around?!!! Would love to know!!!


Beautiful chatelaine. Chatelaine is a device which clips to the waist band or belt of a dress for holding such items as the mistress of the house would need with her throughout the day. It might include her seal, watch, scissors, thimble, a vinaigrette, and a key holder.”


Defiance, Masters of Sex, Legends, The Leftovers: toutes les séries de l'été aux US !

Mistresses - so many heartaches, fun times, true friendship and hard lessons.