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She gave up her voice.... her voice Why I Refuse To Let My Daughter Watch The Little Mermaid, until she's older

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A piece of official Ariel art in an iconic pose that isn't a horrible airbrushed badly-traced-from-screencap mess? What a lovely surprise! Kudos to the artist who did this.

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I Regret The Day I Let My Daughter Watch ‘The Little Mermaid’ I'm Sorry, but I feel this mother has issues.

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Why are the Mako Mermaids' tails redder? And why are the old tails at the same place? I read that the H2o mermaids might appear...but not too sure if that was legit.

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Share Tweet Pin Mail Growing up watching the The Little Mermaid, it’s tough not to crack a nostalgic smile every time I see a tattoo ...

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"I don't know when... I don't know how... but I know something's starting right now. Watch and you'll see... somebody I'll be... Part of your world." FROM: This is my magic world

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