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Kim possible was like my childhood role model. I was gonna be juuuuust like her! ...... That turned out well...

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Can we all just admit that Kim possible.was the one who got the romantic teenager idea into our heads as children?

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Kim Possible: didn't want to be seen with her twin brothers, but was cool with her not-popular, slightly off best friend. Best. Show. Ever.

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Love this can we take a moment and appreciate what Kim Possible did for our child hood? Or was it just me that wants to go watch this again?

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Disney: understanding kids/teenagers for years just watched Kim possible earlier!!!

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drivemytardis:thetenthdoctorscompanion:oodsexual: AWWW LITTLE KIM AND RON AMY AND RORY OH MY GOD. THE CLARITY. IT MAKES SENSE. Oh my Gallifrey.

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