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All you need to do is watch Bleach anime online once. And you are an avowed anime addict! Many people watch Bleach online. It is convenient and lot’s of the time it’s free.

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bleach or outside? Hmm...what about watching Bleach outside on my laptop for about 2 hours then going back in to charge it and watch more bleach


Re-watching Bleach is being so much fun right now and inspiring to make lots of new great fanart. Here is a hot Ichigo taking a break after some hard training

Kurosaki Ichigo. Okay. So do you ever just get so depressed about 1 episode that you can't even watch the anime anymore, because whenever you watch it you burst out in tears and die? Well yeah. That was this episode (like 309 or something). I still can't watch Bleach. I'm so upset.