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TLD - Big Brother is watching you. - Literally.

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Just started watching Prison Break and I'm hooked. Watching Wentworth Miller doesn't hurt either ;)

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I love how Sam is soulless right here, but he still smiles watching his big brother, his hero, talking to a baby. I've often wondered if maybe he imagined himself as a baby and a little Dean saying the same thing to him when John asked Dean to watching his baby brother for a few minutes. Or if he imagines Dean saying that to his own baby in a world where they could have normal lives and settle down.

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This why I love youtubers. There like friends that you dont know. They show their love for you even though they dont know you.

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Watch Big Brother: USA Online -

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Big Brother Vellum Strip

For my big brother & a special hero of all heroes in my heart and mind, Aaron. We're long all grown up, but I will never forget what kind of big brother you were to me and the friend continue to be to me. Thank you for all you did to instill an inner voice in your little sister that would always lift her up and make her feel loved---me. <3 You were and are forever adored.

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Big Brother Canada Season 4 videos on Global TV, your source for the free Big Brother live feed, full episodes cast bio, photo galleries and updates, watch Big Brother Canada online and on Global TV.

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16 Film Moments That Helped People Through Their Depression

Big Hero 6: When Hiro watches a video of his brother Tadashi trying to make Baymax work. | 16 Film Moments That Helped People Through Their Depression

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~ Yeah until you are in the midst of it~my husband has never had my back ever....he hates confrontation, so he saves himself 1st! He has let his brother throw things at me and just watched! Didn't know I had a husband well I don't talk about him ~ Why should I! It is not a happy thing!

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