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Wasp's Nest by Claude. Wasps, the very first papermakers! Now this is any te testing fact I didn't know. Hey! I learned something today!

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Apoica Wasp nest. Eusocial paper wasps found throughout Central and South American tropics. Wasps are nocturnal. Nests have open comb, built under large leaves or in shrubs. During day, wasps covering comb fan wings to cool nest.

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Terry-Prouty-wasp-nest collection possibly the most impressive in the world. Read more at

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LOVE this piece! Title: Cocon Year of Creation: 2011 Glaze: Liner glaze fired to 1260 degrees Celsius Clay Body: Stoneware with oxides and engobes Dimensions: Width 15.75 inches

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paper wasp nest from a large oak tree overhanging our driveway | STILL

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