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Learn how to shelter in place

Just a little of 10 years ago, a 6.8 magnitude earthquake hit the Seattle area. I was at work and SurvivalHusband was at our house in Bellevue. Right before the earthquake hit, my little dog ran up to him and jumped in his arms. Then it hit. Following that event, I learned-up about post earthquake safety and of course, a couple of weeks ago I wrote about being prepared for an earthquake. One of the lessons I learned after the 2001 quake was that if you are safe, stay put. Your very best…

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The 12 Signs - OMG, this is strangely accurate... I am a Cancer and that was the first thing I did when we got hit with an earthquake. It makes me giggle.

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Apparently Earth Was Built Around A Giant

Lol that's hilarious<You think this is Hilarious!?! This is Crazy!!! Whoa I can't even begin to comprehend. My whole Life is a Lie! Why do I feel that the Doctor has something to do with this though?

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Femke in 🇳🇿 on

A one ton Eagle model from The Hobbit trilogy that was hung on the ceiling of a…

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Oklahoma...where all four seasons can happen in ONE day...then throw in an EF-4 Tornado...then add a 4.9 Earthquake to the mix...I lived it & can honestly saw...that was one hell of a day!!!

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