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Was Clinton Impeached

On this day in History, President Clinton impeached on Dec 19, 1998. Learn more about what happened today on History.

Clinton Impeached, disgraced the office of the President! LOSER!!! What a LOSER, the only one bigger, is the liar in chief in the White House right now, the worst EVER!

FORMER CHIEF HOUSE INVESTIGATOR ‘TERRIFIED’ OF KILLARY? Dave Schippers was the Chief House Investigator for the Bill Clinton impeachment process and admits that he is “Terrified” of Killary Clinton. He brought up the death of Vince Foster & noted that people had just disappeared. There are a lot of people who have the same fears of what an Imperial Killary Presidency would do to our freedoms. Do not be fooled, Killary Clinton seeks absolute power.

Dennis Hastert, Republican Hypocrite Who Led Clinton Impeachment To Plead Guilty In Hush Money Case for sexually molesting teenage boys while he was a teacher

Apparently Mr. Bill Clinton told this intern to perform oral sex on him to climb up that career ladder.

from Fox News Magazine

Kate Middleton and Other Celebs Known to Knit

MONICA LEWINSKY Former White House intern Monica Lewinsky was reportedly knitting frequently during the Clinton impeachment hearings, according to the New York Times. She has also designed her own knitting bags for holding knitting needles and skeins.

Abstract Connection: President Clinton was impeached for lying under oath. He told the public he did not have sexual relations with a woman named Monica Lewinsky. He even testified this in front of the deposition. Ms. Lewinsky negotiated a full immunity deal and testified before a grand jury about the affair. President Clinton later apologized to the public for deceiving them.


Monica Lewinsky Launches Anti-Cyberbullying Emoji Initiative

1998 - LEWINSKY SCANDAL. President Clinton was impeached after an investigation found a sexual relationship between Clinton and intern Monica Lewinsky (22) in 1995. One piece of evidence was Lewinsky's blue dress.