NEVER speak ill of yourself.  You are incredible, and you are worthy. I love you so much! -  Mommy

You are a child of The King of ALL Kings. The Lord of ALL Lords. No God is greater then my God, Jesus Christ, because my God bled and died for me and rose again. And He is coming back to take me home.

Rage I will on the battlefield, streaming fire across the fields.  I am a Celtic Warrior Princess I pick up my sword and hold it high.

She is a prayer warrior and her prayers can move mountains. Bible Scripture verse ✞ - Christian Quote thought Will move mountains'

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" "The priestess of a sister tribe," Dimeke replied, "She was born on the day the priestess died and they believe the priestess' soul entered her and was born again." "And she is Meshan?

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MIXT Studio Aqua 'Princess With the Strength of a Warrior' Wall Art Print

This is our signature hair style for our concerts. We chose it because it makes us look flipping fabulous!

45 Easy Hairstyles for Long Thick Hair

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Festival Face Paint Inspiration

quenalbertini: Warrior Princess Lips by nikki_makeup - using Mehron Makeup Gold Metallic Powder and Mixing Medium

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CTC: Mate Step 5 Mate is a dynamic character because during the end, Mate changes her youthful, naïve demeanor to being a strong willed young woman.

I am God's Warrior Princess who will only follow Jesus Christ the One True God, I will not follow the voice of a stranger.

My Bride, you need to get ready. Wake up! I need a Warrior Bride! I need a holy…

Skyrim: Nightingale Cosplay - Imgur

Skyrim Nightingale cosplay

"A warrior princess denies her inner demons entrance into a world she fights to protect; for they have no place in a life that craves personal [Skyrim: Nightingale Cosplay] I have to say Nightingale Armour is my favorite armor from Skyrim.

my name means warrior i have to remember this sometimes I can fight and I need to stand up and be that person

"You're a warrior, warriors don't give up and they don't back down. Pick up your sword and shield and fight"

I am a Warrior Princess, born regally amidst War. I will not stop fighting until my death.

Lady Rhaena Targaryen of House Velaryon, Lady of High Tide, daughter of Lady Laena Velaryon and Prince Daemon "the Rogue Prince" Targaryen.

There's nothing like being a warrior to make you wise, whether on the battlefield or in life, metaphorical scars refer.

The weapons of our warfare are DIVINELY powerful for the bringing down of fortresses.