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For being a father,a mother and a friend thank you Lord

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I'm Scourge. I was a kittypet named Tiny but rose to be a major villain. I took one of Firestar's nine lives and took Tigerstars nine lives in a single blow. Then Firestar came back. He smashed me against a rock and the Blood Clan fell. It was the end of me.

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Lol is it weird to say that i cried at the part of moana when grammar tala came back as a stingray and guided her?

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cassian and jyn teeturtle full design rogue one

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.Princess Zhao Pingyang. 7th Century China. Daughter of Emperor Gaozu. Raised an army on his behalf and led them into battle. Was given full military honors upon her death: one of the only women so honored in Medieval China.---is this true? I never know if Pinterest captions can be believed, hehe. If not...BA woman for teh win anyway.

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Guardians of the Galaxy (2014)

Guardians of the Galaxy ~ Will Be Released August 1, 2014 ~ Written by Nicole Perlman and James Gunn

Rodney Grant - Omaha- Starred in DANCES WITH WOLVES with Kevin Costner.... the Native American version of a "caballero"....

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