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how do you draw a warrior cat | Warrior Cats Set 18 by *KasaraWolf on deviantART

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how to draw_aprenda a desenhar

Quick tutorial on how to draw cat characters - with specific detailing on the fur and legs.

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Warrior Cats - Silverstream by VanyCat on @DeviantArt

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The third challenge was to draw your favorite medicine cat! I will always love Cinderpelt. 0_o Also, once again I over lighted this, but I'm really happy how this came out! I was almost late for th...

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I drew a Warrior Cat in StarClan with a white gel pen~☆

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Holy Wow cows, this actually took waaaaay longer than I intended it to. I was like, hey I'm gonna draw some leaders no biggie - then I was like well I could add this, and this and - this.... yeah. ...

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Lilyrain of SwanClan ~ DEAD (drowned) ~ quiet but wise for her age ~ died after only a moon of being a warrior ~ loyal ~ kind ~ clever ~ no mate or kits, crush: ???. Best friend was Freezeclaw. Came back to life for unknown reasons!!

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