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Behold The First Fully Warm-Blooded Fish Known To Science

Behold The First Fully Warm-Blooded Fish Known To Science: Of all the fish in the world, only a few have the capacity to maintain warmth in specific parts of their bodies. But as new research reveals, the deepwater opah has the unprecedented ability to circulate heated blood throughout its entire body, making it the only known fully warm-blooded fish.


Scumbag Cat

Warm blooded and cheeky! I Could totally see Belle doing this if she wasn't so afraid of Trey's room!


Scorpion mama & babies. This gives me a special admiration for the females of some species. It also reminds me to never complain about cranky human children ever again, there are things far worse!


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The Cold-Blooded Hunters are very Skilled at the sort of Bloodshed that does not Pertain to Care, as with Warm-Blooded, I think, but to something of exclusiveness to the devil's care per se, so to speak, right?


The Southern Red Muntjac. Those antlers are crazy! Found in most parts of Asia, they are unlike most deer. They are, in fact, OMNIVOROUS, periodically eating eggs & even hunting & killing small warm-blooded animals! They are also a TUSKED deer with 1'' long fangs & have striking scent glands around their eyes. Additionally, they are not social animals & do not live in herds--they are solitary & extremely territorial. They also have no set breeding season & can conceive throughout the year.


Latvian Warmblood. The warm blooded breeds were created when warriors returned to Europe from the Middle East and Africa with hot blooded Arabian horses captured in battle. Warmbloods have smaller heads and bodies than draft horses and tend to be less excitable than hot blooded horses, making them good all-round horses for riding and light work.