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War Of Jenkins' Ear

The War of Jenkins' Ear was a conflict between Great Britain and Spain. Its unusual name, coined by Thomas Carlyle, refers to an ear severed from Robert Jenkins, captain of a British merchant ship. The tale of the ear's separation, following the boarding of his vessel by Spanish coast guards in 1731, provided the impetus to war against the Spanish Empire, ostensibly to encourage the Spanish not to renege on the lucrative asiento contract (permission to sell slaves in Spanish America).


Charles Jenkins & Fellowship Chicago - War (Lyric Video/Live)


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War of Jenkins' Ear | New Georgia Encyclopedia


April 9, 1731: Jenkins Loses an Ear and Starts a War. Robert Jenkins was a British Navy Captain who had had his ear sliced off by the Spaniards, in punishment for alleged smuggling practices. "Tell the King the same will happen to him if caught doing the same," he was told. When he appeared before Parliament with his pickled ear in a jar, all heck broke loose. The resulting conflict was popularly know as "The War of Jenkin's Ear."


1740-48 - WAR OF AUSTRIAN SUCCESSION - The War of the Austrian Succession (1740–48) involved most of the powers of Europe over the question of Maria Theresa's succession to the realms of the House of Habsburg. The war included King George's War in North America, the War of Jenkins' Ear (which formally began on 23 October 1739), the First Carnatic War in India, and the First and Second Silesian Wars.


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Military Monday: War of Jenkins Ear

My fifth great uncle, Nathaniel Chandler, was a solider in the War of Jenkins Ear (1739-1741). In 1740 Nathaniel Chandler, was enlisted by General John Winslow to serve in the expedition against th...