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Avoid Thresher Maws at All Costs by MechaBerry on deviantART (HA!)
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War of Attrition: AWS vs. Google. IBM and Microsoft Azure

General Tadamichi Kuribayashi, Commanding General Iwo Jima, Imperial Japanese Army. Brilliantly defended Iwo Jima for 36 days against U.S. Invasion. Assigned as deputy military attache in Washington D.C. from 1928 to 1930.He planned a campaign of attrition, by which he hoped to delay the bombing of Japanese civilians and to force the United States Government to reconsider the possible invasion of Japanese home islands. He failed along with 21,844 Japanese who perished. U.S. losses were…

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Written in the trenches. During WW1, many battles were fought in the trenches. This was called trench warfare.

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Trench warfare during the First World War. Neumeier's 'Nijinsky' juxtaposes nightmarish visions of the horrors of WWI with the scandalous premiere of his 'Rite of Spring' -- as well as the death of his brother Stanislav.

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Life at the front - Horses did much of the dirty work. From the era of gun and cannon on certainly with the onset of "modern" warfare (19th C on) horses were literally worked to death even when they were not actively killed by gunshot/artillery fire--having insufficient food and little or no shelter contributed to the terrible attrition. SHAME ON US!!!

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Here is where the battle of Somme took place, in France. I would like to see these trenches that were created during the first world war.

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BAM, HISTORY, American soldiers of the 42nd Division with gas masks, Essey, France, 1918

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