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Carthaginian war elephant, artwork by J. Shumate. Hannibal's war elephants:

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Mughal armoured elephants Peter Dennis illustrations for Osprey book “War Elephants”

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Elefante del ejército del rey Pirro combatiendo contra los romanos. Más en

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An Oliphaunt: Grey as a mouse/ Big as a house/ Nose like a snake/ I make the earth shake/ As I tramp through the grass/ Trees crack as I pass./ With horns in my mouth/ I walk in the South/ Flapping big ears./ Beyond count of years/ I stump round and round/ Never lie on the ground/ Not even to die./ Oliphaunt am I/ Biggest of all/ Huge, old, and tall./ If ever you'd met me/ You wouldn't forget me./ If you never do/ You won't think I'm true/ But old Oliphaunt am I/ And I never lie.

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Hannibal of Carthage and Public Memory

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